How To Decorate A Turtle Tank (Decor Ideas)?

When it comes to purchasing a new pet, certain utensils always need to be considered before you finish the transaction.

In most situations, buying a pet is not as easy as buying a pair of jeans and you may be expected to purchase a variety of equipment and materials to aid in the animal’s care and well-being. For example, hamsters will always need exercise wheels, snakes need dead mice for food and turtles, well, they need tanks. 

Although the process of buying a tank for your turtle doesn’t have to be a difficult one, many people don’t consider how much decoration and care a turtle tank needs.

You can’t expect your turtle to be happy and active if you simply dump it into a bare box filled with water – so providing some levels and hideaways is always key. 

Your turtle tank doesn’t have to look like a glass box, nor does it need to mimic paradise but the addition of a few key elements can transform it into the perfect environment for your adorable reptile.

So if you want to know how you can decorate your turtle’s tank to the best of your capabilities, we have compiled some ideas down below. So why not check them out and see how you can give your turtle the best home possible. 

Tank Backgrounds

If you are interested in purchasing a turtle and decorating its tank, then you have probably realized just how expensive the overall process can be. So if you are working with a limited budget, we would suggest investing in a tank background to decorate your turtle’s new environment. 

Tank backgrounds are a fast and simple way to give your turtle’s tank some much-needed dimension and vibrancy, and they can be currently purchased in both internal and external varieties.

However, both types of backgrounds do come with their positives and negatives, which you should consider before buying them. 

External tank backgrounds are essentially large stickers that can be used to cover the back and outside of the tank, with the stickers usually depicting natural scenes such as swamps or rainforests.

One of the best things about external backgrounds is that they can be easily installed, without causing any harm or discomfort to your turtle. 

Unfortunately, external backgrounds do come with the downside of looking unnatural and can be considered tacky in certain circumstances.

Although some variations can be applied to most dimensions of the tank, they do come with the disadvantage of looking artificial, especially when they are not paired with real or artificial plant life. 

Internal backgrounds are considered more three-dimensional and can be attached to the inside of your tank.

Unlike external backgrounds, these will often look more natural and will usually depict roots or rocks. These particular backgrounds help to give your tank an attractive appearance and an overall zoo-like feel. 

The only issue with internal backgrounds is that they are harder to install if your tank already houses a turtle, as you will have to remove the reptile and decorations to fit the sticker inside.

These backgrounds will also need to be cleaned thoroughly every few weeks, as turtles are known to be very dirty. 

Basking Platforms

Although turtles are aquatic creatures, this does not mean that they enjoy spending all day under the water.

In fact, most freshwater turtles enjoy having a dry surface where they can bask for periods during the day. So if you wish to keep turtles as pets, then you almost definitely need to invest in a basking platform. 

These platforms can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some even having themed designs that give them a more natural or tropical appearance. The best basking platforms need to extend out of the turtle’s water, but not so much that the reptile has to climb for long distances. 

When choosing the perfect basking platform for your turtle, you need to find one that is low and comfortable, but provides enough height so that it is not submerged under the water.

You also need to make sure that the platform fits inside your tank and that it can be used by multiple turtles if you own more than one. 

Plant Life

If there is one piece of decor that can transform your bare turtle tank into a subaquatic paradise – then it’s plants.

Although plants are not necessary when it comes to housing a pet turtle, they are an affordable and effective way to add some vibrancy into your tank, giving it a more natural and overall attractive appearance. 

Currently, there are two varieties of plants that you can purchase for your turtle tank, natural plants and artificial plants.

Although both varieties are capable of turning your turtle’s tank into a weedy underworld, they also come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

Artificial plants are arguably the most effective choice for your tank, as they will require no care and will be able to withstand any damage your turtles may cause.

The only issue is that artificial plants can look fake, which could result in an overall tacky environment. They can also take up large amounts of space that the turtle will need for exercise and comfortability. 

On the other hand, natural plants will always give your tank an authentic and beautiful appearance, but they do come with the downside of needing lots of care and attention to stay alive.

Turtles can also easily damage natural plants, which means you could find yourself constantly re-buying natural plant life for your tank. Certain species of plants can also be harmful to your turtle and their environment, so you will need to make sure you are buying species that are compatible with your turtle and tank setup. 

When purchasing plants, real or otherwise, you will need to make sure that you select varieties that give your tank levels of vibrancy and texture – as this will result in a more appealing environment for your turtle and yourself.

However, buying too many plants can crowd your turtle’s tank and rob them of any space where they could bask or stay active, so make sure to only purchase a small and manageable number.