What Do Sea Turtles Represent (Sea Turtle Symbolism & Meaning – Totem, Spirit & Omens)?

Origins of the Turtle – Symbolism & Meaning 

As you may know, the turtle is an ancient creature. It is symbolic of the sea, land, forest, and deserts since there are many different types of sea turtles. They have been on this earth for longer than we have, and individual turtles have lifespans that can last as long as humans. 

Because of their long lives and the amount of time turtles have been on the earth, they are often viewed as a symbol of longevity. If you see a turtle then this could be a sign of the same thing – a long life, relationship, or period of good fortune.

They are also a reminder of the importance to keep going through life and surviving for the long term even when things get difficult. 

They carry their homes on their back, and as such, they can adapt to any new situation, knowing that they have their own home comforts along with them. With this in mind, they have long been considered a symbol of strength, wisdom, and protection. 

The Hawaiian Sea Turtle Symbolism and Meaning

In Hawaii, the sea turtle is coveted as an animal that is deserving of great respect and honor. They are much-loved by the people of Hawaii and those who visit the island and it is easy to see why.

As you know, they have existed on this earth since before our time, and even outlived the dinosaurs! As such they are a symbol of ancient wisdom. 

Because of the fact they outvied the likes of dinosaurs and continue to thrive, they are seen as a symbol of surviving. They have outlasted many other species and so the people of Hawaii view them with wonder and awe.

It is common to find the symbol of the turtle painted in homes, on cars, and worn on clothing. 

In Hawaii, the turtle is known as Honu and it is said to symbolize good luck, longevity, and endurance. They are thought to be a spirit guide (Aumakua) for when people are feeling lost or at odds and need help enduring the situations they are facing. 

The turtle is a common tattoo for the people of Hawaii. We will be exploring the meaning behind the turtle tattoo in more detail later in the article. 

Native American Meaning & Symbolism of Turtle

Similar to the meaning of the turtle in Hawaii, for Native American people, the turtle is symbolic of endurance, longevity, and ancient wisdom. They often feature in totem poles as a symbol of these things, and can even be seen as a symbol of a good, long life. 

Native Americans have long appreciated the turtle as a symbol of ancient energies and will communicate with the energies through the turtle. They also use the turtle to commune with mother nature, the natural world, and the healing herbs and places used by those of the Ancient world.

Of course, the fact that the turtle has its home on its back is a symbol of perseverance and resilience. These are both traits that are revered in all cultures and as such remain a very important symbol for Native American people. 

Turtle Symbolism in Celtic Mythology and Culture

In Celtic mythology, the focus is more on the tortoise than the turtle. These close relatives are similar in many ways, however, and so they symbolize similar things. 

The story of the tortoise and the hare is often told. It was written by Aesop and expresses the importance of patience. The tortoise beats the hare in a race as they act slowly and steadily compared to the hare to run quickly and carelessly getting too tired partway through. 

As such, the tortoise and turtle both symbolize the importance of taking your time and having patience. 

What is a Turtle Meaning in Dreams?

If you dream of a turtle you may be interested to know what this could mean for you. It could be symbolic of a new path in life that is coming your way. The turtle could; be your \\Spirit Guide letting you know to prepare for this new path. 

Dreaming of a turtle can also mean that there is a significant journey that you need to embark on. This could be a physical journey or a mental one. It is a positive thing and the turtle is telling you to approach it with curiosity and an open mind.

Of course, due to the fact that turtles represent endurance, protection, and longevity, to dream of one may mean you need these three traits in your life. Protect yourself, trust that you can endure anything you encounter, and have faith that the universe will be there to guide you through it. 

What is the Meaning of a Turtle Tattoo?

As we mentioned earlier in the article, the turtle is a popular symbol to get tattooed on your body, especially on the people of Hawaii. Getting a turtle tattoo could symbolize the desire for a long life. 

Turtles are green, and so a green tattoo can symbolize growth, healing, and prosperity. They are also associated with the water, a source of renewal and a symbol for change. 

In Hawaii, turtle tattoos are often had when a person is about to embark on a new chapter of their life, such as a new job or traveling as they symbolize good luck. 

They are also associated with navigation, which is yet another reason why travelers often get a turtle tattoo. 

Conclusion – Endurance & Longevity

In conclusion, the turtle is a creature of wonder and is symbolic of many things. Their long life and ancient wisdom make them symbolic of endurance and longevity above all else.

They are revered in many cultures around the world for this, as well as for their reaction to good luck, fortune, navigation, and new starts. They feature in totems and have dream meanings. As well as this, they are often seen as a spirit guide for new beginnings.